SSS Pensioner Loan Facility is the Bank's credit facility for SSS depositors. Existing SSS Pensioners with Rang-ay Bank savings account are qualified for this loan facility. Because Rang-ay understands the need of its pensioners, the bank's longest term offers them lowest interest rate.

Eligible Borrowers

  • SSS Pensioners who are currently receiving pension through their savings account with Rang-ay Bank

Purpose of Loan

  • For medication, hospitalization or emergency needs
  • For educational or family use; or
  • For home renovation or other personal use

Amount of Loan

  • Maximum amount of P250,000

Term of Loan

  • Maximum term of two (2) years in equal monthly amortizations


  • No Collateral Required


  1. Latest 2x2 ID Picture of principal borrower & co-borrower
  2. Rang-ay Bank SSS Pension Savings Account Passbook
  3. Spouse to co sign. In the absence of spouse, one (1) co-maker who is gainfully employed to co-sign
  4. Photocopy of Valid IDs of principal Borrower & co-maker