The Pabahay Program is a long term credit facility which gives people the opportunity to build their dream homes. This facility can also be used for renovations, home repairs or refinancing of existing housing loan.

Purpose of Loan

  1. Purchase of house & lot, apartment or townhouse

  2. Purchase of lot

  3. Construction of house

  4. Repair, improvement or expansion of existing house

  5. Refinancing of existing housing loan

Maximum Loanable Amount

  • Php 30,000,000 ( 30 Million )

Term of Loan

  • Maximum of ten (10) years for titled properties

  • Maximum of five (5) years for properties covered only by tax declaration


  • Titled Properties

  • Tax Declarations accepted in selected areas


  1. Original Copy of Title (OCT, KOT & TCT's)

  2. Tax Declaration(s) of the Title and improvement, if any

  3. Survey plan

  4. Deed of Acquisition of the property

  5. Current Realty Tax Receipt(s)

A. Real Estate Mortgage

  1. Original copy of title with survey plan

  2. Latest Real Estate tax Receipts

  3. Deed of Acquisitions

B. Additional Requirements for Untitled Properties

  1. Certificate from DENR

  2. Form V-37 from Bureau of Lands

  3. Affidavit of Adjoining Owners

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