For business or family use, Rang-ay Bank would be of assistance to buy that vehicle you need. This loan facility provides prospective clients to finance the purchase of car, passenger jeepneys, bus, mini-bus or trucks from any dealer.

Purpose of Loan

The main purpose of this loan facility is to finance the purchase of a motor vehicle to be used for business or personal use.


  1. Motor vehicle should not be more than fifteen (15) years old at the time of application.

  2. Equity: Financing of Motor Vehicles requires equity (cash participation) for the following:

  • Brand new motor vehicle: 20% equity

  • Reconditioned motor vehicles not more than 2 years: 35% equity

  • Reconditioned motor vehicles not more than 5 years: 40% equity

  • Second hand motor vehicles not more than 10 years old model: 40% equity


  • For brand new private vehicles: Maximum of 5 years; and Commercial vehicles (like PUV's and Trucks)

  • For reconditioned motor vehicle: Maximum of 3 years


  1. Certificate of Registration

  2. Latest official receipts of registration

  3. Picture of motor vehicle (front, side, inside and back shots)

  4. Stencil of engine and chassis number

  5. Deed of sale

  6. Duplicate key

  7. Court clearance

  8. Two (2) valid identification cards of all signatories

  9. 2x2 ID picture of borrower

  10. Own damage insurance (upon approval)

  11. Copy of Franchise for Public Utility Vehicle Operators

  12. Current year community tax certificate


This credit program requires two (2) co-makers who are gainfully employed.

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