Deposit/Withdrawal kahit saan

Opening New Accounts

Documents required to be submitted for opening a deposit account and procedures for accepting /updating of deposits and processing of documentary requirements.
The documentary requirements for opening all deposit accounts (Saving Deposit, Special Savings Deposit, Time Deposit and Current Account) are the following:

- One (1) current (at least 2x2) picture;plus
- Valid IDs

Valid Identification Documents


(Circular No. 706, Series of 2011)

A.) Customers and the authorized signatory / ies of a corporate or juridical entity who engage in a financial transaction with the covered institution for the first time shall be required to present the original and submit a clear copy of at least one (1) valid photo - bearing ID document issued by an official authority (Government of the Republic of the Philippines; Its political subdivisions and instrumentalities; GOCCs; and Private entities or institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by BSP, SEC, or IC).

Valid ID's Include the following:
1. Passport including those issued by foreign governments
2. Driver's license
4. NBI clearance
5. Police Clearance
6. Postal ID
7. Voter's ID
9. Barangay certification
10. GSIS e-card
11. SSS card
12. Senior Citizen Card
14. OFW ID
15. Seaman's Book
16. Alien Certification of Registration / Immigrant Certificate of Registration
17. Government Office and GOCC ID (e.g. AFP, HDMF IDs)
18. Certification from the NCWDP
19. DSWD Certification
20. IBP ID; and
21. Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.

B.) Students who are beneficiaries of remittances / fund transfers and who are not yet of voting age, may be allowed to present the original and submit a clear copy of one (1) valid photo - bearing school ID duly signed by the principal or head of the school.

C.) Where the customer or authorized signatory is a non - Philippine resident, similar IDs duly issued by the foreign government where the customer is a resident or a citizen may be presented.

D.) A covered institution shall require their customers or authorized signatory to submit a clear copy of one ( 1 ) valid ID on a one - time basis only at the commencement of business relationship. They shall require their clients to submit an updated photo and other relevant information on the basis of risk and materiality.

E.) A covered institution may classify identification documents based on its reliability and ability to validate the information indicated in the identification document with that provided by the customer.

F.) Whenever it deems necessary , a covered institution may accept other IDs not enumerated above provided that it shall not be the sole means of identification.

G.) In case the identification documents mentioned above or other identification documents acceptable to the covered institution do not bear any photo of the customer or authorized signatory, or the photo - bearing ID or a copy thereof does not clearly show the face of the customer or authorized signatory , a covered institution may utilize its own technology to take the photo of the customer or authorized signatory.

H.) Minimum information and / or documents before establishing business relationships with a New Corporate and Juridical Entities.

1.) Certificates of Registration issued by the Department of Trade and Industry for single proprietors , or by the Securities and Exchange Commission , for corporations and partnerships , and by the BSP , for money changers / foreign exchange dealers and remittance agents;
2.) Articles of Incorporation and By-laws;
3.) Principal business address
4.) Board Resolution duly certified by the Corporate Secretary authorizing the signatory / ies to sign on behalf of the entity;
5.) Latest General Information Sheet (GIS) which lists the names of directors / trustees, principal stockholders owning at least twenty percent (20%) of the outstanding capital stock and primary officers such as the President and Treasurer;
6.) Contact numbers of the entity and authorized signatory / ies;
7.) Source of funds and nature of business;
8. ) Name, present address, date and place of birth, nature of work and source of funds of beneficial owner or beneficiary, if applicable; and
9.) For entities registered outside the Philippines, similar documents and / or information shall be obtained duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate where said entities are registered.