This loan program mainly focuses on barangay officials who are looking for capital to start or fund a small business. The Barangay Chairman and Barangay Council members are allowed to borrow this credit program.

Eligible Borrowers

Barangay Chairman & Barangay Council members (Kagawad, Secretary and Treasurer) who are not more than 64 years old and currently serving as Barangay Officials.

Amount of Loan

  • Maximum of P80,000.00 for the first availment

  • Maximum of P100,000.00 after first availment


One (1) year term; eleven (11) monthly of four (4) amortizations depending on the Schedule of Honorarium.

Two (2) years term; twenty two (22) monthly or eight (8) amortizations depending on the Schedule of Honorarium.


A. For the borrower

  1. Current year Community Tax Certificate

  2. Latest 2x2 ID Picture

  3. Valid ID's or Oath of Office

  4. Appointment paper issued by the DILG Office

  5. Sketch of Residence

B. For the Barangay

  1. Executions of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between RBI and Brgy. Chairman and Treasurer

  2. Latest Barangay Payroll

  3. DILG ID of Brgy. Chairman & Treasurer

  4. Appointment Paper of Brgy. Chairman & Treasurer

  5. Schedule of Honorarium from the DILG Municipal or City (One(1) time only at MOA signing)

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