The Philippines is known to have a long list of festivals. It is a fact that Filipinos enjoy the celebration and have fun together. Festivals in the Philippines are varied and depict the culture and tradition of each of the cities and towns. Rang-ay Bank welcomed the fiesta season by supporting and joining scheduled activities in three (3) different local festivals of different municipalities where the bank is located.

          On April 30, 2019, Dagupan City (Pangasinan) celebrated its Annual Bangus Festival where people grilled hundreds of bangus along the De Venecia Road. Bankers of Dagupan Branch participated in the main highlight of the festival which is the Kalutan ed Dalan (Bangusan Street Party) where the bankers manned a booth and grilled bangus as part of the celebration. The staff also distributed giveaways and flyers to the locals and visitors.

          Officers and staff of Agoo (La Union) branch led by Manager Aldyne Dela Cruz participated in the 15th Dinengdeng Festival by joining the grand civic parade last May 1, 2019. Dinengdeng which is also called "Abraw", is a regional Ilocano dish composed of different vegetables with grilled fish. The staff distributed flyers, newsletters, giveaways and candies to the people who watched the parade.

          Bacnotan (La Union) celebrated its 11th Diro Festival last May 2, 2019. "Diro" is an Ilocano term for honey which symbolizes unity and oneness for the Bacnoteñans. It is also the Bacnotan’s “One Town, One Product” under the program of the DTI. Officers and staff from Head Office and Bacnotan branch joined the float parade and distributed giveaways to the townspeople.