The micro, small and medium (mSME)  Business Loan program is available to businessmen or would-be entrepreneurs looking for additional working capital or credit line. This quick affordable loan program has very flexible rates to accommodate any business or commercial endeavor from start-up capital to revolving inventory loans to credit lines.

Eligible Borrowers

        • Entrepreneurs, Local businessmen, and corporations operating in Region I or CAR

Purposes of Loan

        • Start-up capital for new business;

        • Additional working capital;

        • Expansion of existing business;

        • Refinancing of existing business loan or;

        • Credit Line


        1. Latest Business Permits

        2. SEC and/or DTI Registration

Amount of Loan

        • Php 100,000 to 100 Million     

Term of Loan

        A. Credit Line -one (1) month to twelve (12) months; renewable

         B.Term loan-thirteen (13) months to sixty (60) months;regularly amortized

Collateral (Choice of Borrower)

        • Titled Properties

        • Tax Declarations accepted in selected area

        • Chattel (Motor Vehicles)